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About Revity Farms

Revity Farms is a revolutionary, sustainable sixty acre farm that specializes in microgreens, located in Nashville, TN. We are family owned and operated by a husband and wife team.

We offer microgreens in bulk or by the tray as a subscription model. We deliver automatically on chosen intervals and deliver fresh to your doorstep. Revity unique system allows us to cut and deliver microgreens as fresh as possible, cutting at the very last moment. That also means no waste, since our crop is pre-allocated ahead of time, and we do not use soil.

Microgreens are great for the average joe and jane, kids, chefs, smoothie shops, health and nutrition clinics, companies that want to offer their employees healthy options to enhance lunch nutrition, and anyone that simply wants to be healthy and fight disease!

Revity Farms is one of very few farms to grow microgreens hydroponically and vertically in the world! Simply means that we don’t use soil, have nearly zero waste, and use 1/10th the water of soils crops, and can produce hundreds of pounds every month from as little as 75 square feet.

Our goal from the beginning was the enhance the process of how microgreens are produced in order to create consistency and cost efficinecy. Microgreens are 50 to 100X more nutritious than their fully grown counterparts. If you take into account 1/10th the water usage and zero waste, it makes our system very environmentaly friendly while still offering farm to table, cut same day freshness, produced 365 days a year no matter the weather! We handle every stage of this process. Everything from seeding, caring and monitoring, packing, and even hand delivering is handeled by Revity Farms staff and our own delivery fleet. 

This innovative growing system allows us to cut and deliver microgreens as fresh as possible – the same day you eat them! Our state-of-the-art hydroponic platform also eliminates waste because all crops are preallocated ahead of time so there's no need for soil or excess fertilizer. In fact our entire farm is 100% fertilizer, pesticide, and harmful chemical free. We only use organic sources for our microgreens nutrition tanks and we use natural methods for controlling pests, including a flock of Guineafowl always searching!

In addition to advancements in vertical hydroponic systems, our platform leverages a custom Artificial Intelligence platform that’s been in development for nearly two years. AI automates all feeding and monitoring functions, while monitoring the plants at wavelengths we cannot perceive. That will allow real-time automatic adjustment for all necessary nutrients, watering, environmental, and lightning schedules to maximize nutrition, flavor, and consistency.

Our focus is a healthier, happier, community that is at balance with the natural world around it. Our goal is to ensure that every person can have access to critical nutrition, found only in vegetables, that is scientifically proven to increase quality of life and repair damage.

Revity Farms looks forward to supporting you, your family, and our community at large. Our goal is to intentionally produce more than what's needed in order to donate extra yield to shelters and those who can't afford it as part of our commitment to giving back to this great community. We have to take a stance and fight for better nutrition which leads to better health. Our focus is not simply producing the microgreens, but educating the public at large about the benefits and simple ways to incorporate it in your diet. Please sign up to our newsletter for ongoing articles, updates, and ideas on how to best incorpoarte these incredible resources of repair into your and your family's diet!