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Microgreen Sprouts, Healthy Food & Snacks

From our farm to your table: fresh microgreens, vibrant sprouts, and our signature freeze-dried microgreens powder, capturing nature's richness in every scoop. Dive into our range of products enriched with microgreen goodness such as Pesto, Guacamole, Hummus, and Vinaigrette. We also curate a selection of imported Olive Oils, each meticulously traced to its origin. Relish in hand-delivered freshness all year round, brought to you by the dedicated Revity Farms team!

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  • Grown Organic Microgreen Sprouts

    From $5.00

  • Shelf Stable Vegetable Microgreen Powders - Freeze Dried

    From $20.00

  • Microgreen Vinaigrette


  • Mediterranean Olive Oil


  • Distribution - Mediterranean Olive Oil

    From $49.00

  • Distribution - Microgreen Sprouts

    From $9.00

  • Distribution - Microgreen Powders - Freeze Dried

    From $25.00

  • Revity Farms Gift Card

    From $10.00

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