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Microgreens, Why all the rage?

Microgreens are new additions to the diet that has recently become popular. They can provide a wide range of health benefits for people wanting to improve their eating habits.

Microgreens are highly nutritious and may contain as much as 17 times more nutrients than in-season produce because they are harvested when the plants are developing, use less water and energy to grow, and have evolved slower metabolisms than full grown vegetables.

Research proves that the biggest benefit of microgreens is their ability to give you a huge boost in nutrient intake on a daily basis. Not only is it hard to get many of the nutrients found in greens from other sources (or at least very expensive), but these vegetables are also quite nutritious themselves! I've seen one source putting even spinach's nutrient count as 1/8 that of microgreens. Add that kind of nutrition to a healthy diet and your entire being will feel better... so will your body!

There are also so many different kinds of Microgreens - anything from common microgreens like basil, beets or chard to rarer varieties like purple carrots or squash - that you will always be able to find something new and interesting! And with such an array of tastes, colors, textures and shapes available, and wide selection at Revity Farms, we make it easy to add massive health benefits to your diet. You can also grow your own microgreens!

Review our youtube channel and blog for ideas on how to add massive nutrition, that tastes great, into your everyday diet!

Supercharge your life now, and begin healing your body.

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