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Microgreens Reduce Cancer Risk Study Finds

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that people who consumed a single serving or more of cruciferous vegetables per month had half the risk of developing primary bladder cancer. The study followed patients who were diagnosed with bladder cancer and took part in an eight-year observational trial.

This is not new information. We've known for a while now that intake of these vegetables can lead to reduced risk of a number of cancers, among other major benefits. The study referenced above, found that patients consuming a single serving or more of raw broccoli per month was associated with half the risk of recurrence and death as those who ate less.

Broccoli sprouts for example are packed with over 500% more nutrients than traditional vegetables and contain sulforaphane which has been found in numerous studies to inhibit protein synthesis in human prostate cancer cells and positively target breast cancer stem cells. 

So why aren't most of us eating more?  Because it can be inconvenient. You also need large amounts of fully grown vegetables daily to gain major benefits. Quality access to microgreens is also an issue. Your schedule or your space may make it hard to grow your own in the volume you need, and most stores don't carry a microgreen selection consistently if at all.

Revity Farms has come up with a way to make microgreens taste so delicious you'll be craving them every time you sit down. We have a dedicated blog post and youtube channel showing various ways to consume microgreens so you can supercharge your diet. We have delicious smoothie and protein shake recipes,  ways to augment or replace lettuce and other greens with their microgreen variant in most sandwiches and salads, and many other ways to integrate this amazing nutrition source in your and your kids diet.  Simply replacing your fully grown vegetables with their microgreen counterpart would increase your vegetable nutrition uptake by 10-50X.

Our mission is "to provide wholesome, nutrient-dense foods that help people live healthier lives." Revity Farms aims to accomplish this by providing cost-effective farm fresh food that increases nutritional density for those looking for improved health. We will also deliver fresh microgreens to your home or business through our subscription service. Pick your dates and variety, and we handle the rest. Sign up now, or contact us for more details. 

Start supercharging your health now!

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