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Microgreen Sprouts, Healthy Food & Snacks

From our farm to your table: fresh microgreens, vibrant sprouts, and our signature freeze-dried microgreens powder, capturing nature's richness in every scoop. Dive into our range of products enriched with microgreen goodness such as Pesto, Guacamole, Hummus, and Vinaigrette. We also curate a selection of imported Olive Oils, each meticulously traced to its origin. Relish in hand-delivered freshness all year round, brought to you by the dedicated Revity Farms team!


Ordering and Shipping

  • Additional discounts may apply to large orders.
  • Free delivery within 30 miles of Nashville center with a $50 minimum order. Delivery fee or larger minimums may apply for longer distances.
  • Freeze-dried powders can be easily shipped and are exempt from additional fees.

Variety Orders

  • Variety orders require a 2-3 week advance notice.
  • Initial grow time is accounted for in the variety order schedule.
  • Customers can choose their own intervals for maintaining variety orders year round.

Product Offerings

  • We offer regular rotating varieties of greens, including microgreens and full leaf options.
  • New types of greens are available for customers to sample and try.

Greens Options

  • Our greens are grown from seed to harvest, providing fresh, hearty produce year-round with great nutritional density.

Sourcing and Processing 
We are committed to providing the freshest, highest-quality greens possible. To achieve this, we take a unique approach by growing all of our greens indoor, right here on site, in our own controlled environment.

FDA-Registered Processing Facility
But that's not all - we also take pride in processing our greens in our very own FDA-registered facility, located right next door to our growing operation. This means that we can control every aspect of the processing process, including:

  • Washing and sorting
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Freeze Drying 
  • Food Processing and Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with food safety and quality in mind, ensuring that every batch of greens meets the highest standards.

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