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Microgreens Meet Pesto: Basil Free. Nut Free. Vegan. Nutritious. Delicious

At Revity Farms, we're reinventing pesto by featuring microgreens. Each 4 oz jar delivers two full servings of vegetables, packing a nutritional punch with these tiny but powerful greens.

Instead of basil, we use fresh microgreens like nutrient-dense broccoli, or our custom Powerhouse mix as the base. We also have a tangy purple radish microgreen pesto that puts a fresh twist on the classic flavor.

The pestos are blended with the finest olive oil imported from Lebanon in the Middle East. The rich, fruity olive oil provides the perfect complement to the fresh microgreen flavors.

Microgreens contain up to 40X more nutrients than mature greens. So our pestos harness that natural nutrition in every bite. We skip the cheese and nuts too, making our spreads 100% vegan.

microgreens pesto

We use nutritional yeast to add nutty, savory flavor instead of dairy. The pestos are creamy, delicious, and versatile too. Spread them on pizza, toast, sandwiches and more. The purple radish pesto is amazing scrambled into eggs, chicken sandwiches, or as a unique pizza sauce.

At Revity Farms, our mission is increasing access to locally grown microgreens year-round. We operate custom designed indoor farms, and process all foods on our FDA registered facility onsite!

The pestos are some our earliest and original products, created to showcase the power and versatility of microgreens. They make it so easy to incorporate flavorful greens into your everyday meals. Look for our 4 oz jars at select grocery stores, farmer's markets or order online at for free delivery. We can't wait for you to try our innovative nutritious pesto's!


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