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Freeze Dried Microgreens - Shelf Stable - Portable - No Nutrition Loss

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Microgreen Sprouts in Everything = Supercharged Nutrition!

Microgreen & Sprout Guacamole, Hummus, Pesto, Vinaigrette and More!

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Health is a gift you can give yourself and others

Boost Your Nutrition 50-200X! Fresh Microgreens Delivered - 45+ Varieties

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10 Grams of Protein + Full Vegetable Serving

Sesame Free Hummus with Microgreens Now Available

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Full Day's Vegetable Serving

Guacamole + Microgreens. Amazing Flavor Meets Purposeful Nutrition

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Organically Grown • Vegan Products

Experience the freshest microgreen sprouts, and nutritious foods and snacks, made at our state-of-the-art, fully organic farm in Nashville, TN. We proudly serve Nashville and surrounding communities with local delivery and provide nationwide shipping for our customers across the country. Freshness is our guarantee, no matter where you reside!

Our innovative system ensures that we harvest and deliver our microgreen sprouts at peak freshness. We cut the sprouts just moments before they're sent to your doorstep. We also minimize waste as our crops are preallocated ahead of time, and we don't use soil. Any extra yield is donated to shelters and those in need, as we recognize the unfortunate reality of nutritional deficiencies in today's society.

Rest assured, our microgreen sprouts are grown without herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.

We guarantee unparalleled value in every product and service we offer, delivering a
harmonious blend of health, taste, convenience, and affordability that
truly enhances your lifestyle

Exceptional Quality: Our local home delivery ensures the highest level of freshness and taste, unmatched by any other source!

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We currently support the following markets and surrounding communities. Your community doesn't have to be specifically listed:

Nashville and Surrounding Communities -- 60 Mile Radius

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Please request your local market and tell us why we should prioritize it for a local next generation farm!

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We handle the rest. Enjoy your healthy delicious locally grown organic greens! 

Health Spotlight - Water Quality Matters!

Revity Farms

Our farm and growing platforms are located in Nashville, TN on our very own 60 acre land.

We leverage custom, state of the art, fully organic and automated hydroponic systems. Revity Farms is advancing agriculture through technology but managing density and quality methods with AI vision and controls for guaranteed consistency and predictability.